Lora creates contemporary, fun, delicate and easy to wear handmade enamel jewellery. 

Each piece is individually hand cut with a piercing saw leaving no two pieces the same. Each piece is kiln fired separately; so each firing will give a different effect to the enamel. The enamelled pieces are then cleaned before Lora’s handmade sterling silver earwires, jump rings and clasps are added to complete the jewellery. 


Lora’s biggest inspiration is fashion and styling, she likes to experiment with different colours and shapes. Seeing how her customers wear the pieces; how they style them with different clothing or other jewellery also influences the work. 

Of course, she cannot forget about the colours in her surrounding area of North Wales. It is a very rural place, surrounded by natural and beautiful colours that are continuously changing throughout the year, impacting on her choice of colours and style in any given season.

All intellectual property rights in my designs are and will belong to Lora Wyn. Any infringement will be pursued vigorously.